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28560 Miles Road, Solon, Ohio 44139

Meats & Cheeses

Visit our deli counter for a wide variety of specialty deli meats and cheeses, all sliced to order. Any thickness-any amount! We highlight over 100 types of deli meats from Cajun Turkey to Imported Prosciutto from Italy. Our collection of your favorite domestic cheeses pairs wonderfully with your sandwich masterpiece. You are sure to find what you are looking for at Miles Farmers Market.


Sara Lee honey roasted
Sara Lee lower sodium
Gourmet Recipe honey mesquite
Carolina Premier smoked
Thumann's cracked pepper
Thumann's golden roasted
Dietz and Watson maple flavored
Executive Chef oven roasted
Executive Chef spicy Cajun style
Miles Very Own Deep Fried Turkey
Miles Very Own Turkey off the Bone


Dark Turkey
Vienna turkey breast
Vienna eye of round peppered
Vienna Romanian style


Sahlen's old fashioned smokehouse
Dietz & Watson black forest honey cured
Spiral Recipe Ham off the Bone
Hatfield maple flavored
Krakus imported polish
New York style spiced
Smoked Bavarian
Thumann's black forest
Low sodium Virginia
Carando hot capicola
Kretschmar off the bone
Miles Very Own Applewood Ham


Thumann's Head Cheese
Thumann's Pickle and Pimento
Thumann's Olive
Maestro Pancetta
Ray's Hot Pork Sousse
5 Star Smoked Canadian Bacon
Hatfield Dutch Brand Natural Casing Braunschweiger

Hot Dogs

Hebrew National Kosher All Beef
Miles Own All Meat
Vienna All Beef
Chicago All Beef Skinless and Casing
Natural Casing Cooked Knockwurst


Hebrew National Kosher Beef Bologna
Beef Bologna
Garlic Bologna
Thumann's Nat Casing Old Fashion Bologna
Mini Leona Bologna
Premium Turkey Bologna


Amish Country Beef Jerky Reg and Hot
Vienna All Beef Sticks
Miles Very Own Smokies
Miles Very Own Spicy Smokies
Smoked Ham Shanks
Smoked Ham Hocks
Amish Country Sliced Bacon
Imported from Italy Prosciutto Di Parma
Imported from Italy Cooked Porchetta
Imported from Italy Mortadella with Pistachio









Gourmet Recipe oven roasted
Dietz and Watson buffalo style

Corned Beef

Vienna first cut cooked
Sy Ginsberg restaurant style cooked

Roast Beef

Sy Ginsberg Angus cooked
Dietz & Watson marinated London Broil
Miles Very Own Garlic Roast Beef


Genoa dilusso
Pillar Hungarian style
Pillar caliente spicy
Pillar style alpen
Eckrich premium hard salami
Hebrew National kosher all-beef
Margherita pepperoni sticks
Hormel leona sandwich pepperoni
Citterio soppressata hot or sweet

All Natural

Miles Very Own New York Style Pastrami
Miles Very Own Cubano Pork
Miles Very Own Southwest Turkey Breast
Miles Very Own Uncured
Italian Herb Ham
Miles Very Own Apple glazed Ham
Miles Very Own Swiss Cheese
Miles Very Own Yellow American
Miles Very Own Rosemary Gouda


Jalapeno and Cayenne Cheddar Cheese
Hot Pepper Cheese
Habanero Ghost Pepper Jack Cheese
Land O Lakes Yellow American
Land O Lakes White American
Land O Lakes Sharp Cheddar American
Whole Milk Mozzarella
Colby Jack
Alpine Lace Muenster
Alpine Swiss
Troyers Lacey Swiss
Imported French Emmenthal Swiss
Berner Low Salt Low Fat American
Imported Danish Havarti
Hoffman Sharp Cheddar
Swiss & Rye
Horseradish Cheddar
Garlic Cheddar
Natural Sharp Swiss
Amish Swiss
Guggisberg Baby Swiss
Belgioioso Provlone