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Olive Bar

The olive bar, which started out with just a few types of green & black olives, has grown into an olive lovers dream. They are delicious in everything from salads to main dishes to just eating on their own as a quick little snack. Miles Farmers Market carries over 35 types of olives from the U.S. to the Moroccan olive. We also have a great selection of homemade olive salads that are combined with our own medley of fresh vegetables and much more. Stop by at our olive bar and you will be surprised with the impressive array of products.

Beets, pickled: pickled beet slices with cuts of red onion

Black Olives: super colossal Greek style

Blend, Festive Holiday: 8 types of olives in oil, vinegar and herbs

California Olives: Green olives  from California, picked from the tree before completely ripened

  • Almond- hand stuffed with whole almonds

  • Garlic- hand stuffed with whole cloves of garlic

  • Provolone stuffed-  sharp, aged provolone cheese in olive oil

  • Roasted red pepper- hand stuffed with marinated roasted red peppers

  • Sun Dried Tomato stuffed- sun dried tomatoes in olive oil

Castelventrano Olives : imported from Sicily. The world’s best extra virgin olive oil is made from these olives, naturally green in color

Cerignola Olives [Black or Green]: imported from Italy. Glossy black or naturally green, these are the largest caliber olives available in the United States.

Colossal Black Olives: Pitted extra large California black olives, kids love them!

Eggplants, stuffed: baby eggplants stuffed with pimento and fresh basil in oil

Grape Leaves, stuffed: grape leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, chick peas and spices in olive oil

Green Olives: super colossal Sicilian style

Kalamata Olives: Imported from Greece, World famous, purple and brine- cured

  • Pitted Kalamata- world renewed, imported from Greece, pits removed, great in salads!

  • Sliced Kalamata- pitted and sliced, excellent in salads or pizza!

  • Whole

Marinated Garlic, Habanero Spiced: whole cloves of garlic marinated in a spicy habanero brine with fresh whole habanero peppers

Marinated Garlic, Riesling: whole cloves of garlic marinated in Riesling wine and herbs

Nicoise Olives[Pitted]: red-brown, slightly sour and lightly salted

Pepper Shooters: medium hot cherry peppers stuffed with prosciutto and aged provolone cheese in olive oil

Picholine Olives: the most famous French olive, grown in both Languedoc and Provence. Crisp, tender, and slightly salty but never acidic

Pitted Oil Cured Olives: imported from Morocco. Large and glossy black with a lovely wrinkled appearance, fruity dense flavor.

Sevillano Olives: Large, green and brine-cured

  • Bleu Cheese- hand stuffed with ripe bleu cheese from France

  • Feta stuffed- imported Greek Feta Cheese

  • Gorgonzola stuffed- Italian Gorgonzola cheese in olive oil

  • Jalapeno Pepper stuffed- slice of Serrano pepper stuffed in a large Sevillano olive marinated in jalapeno brine

  • Martini Pimento- California pimento stuffed in a large Sevillano olive cured in Vermouth