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28560 Miles Road, Solon, Ohio 44139

Specialty Grocery


Miles Farmers Market specialty grocery section has evolved over the years starting with a few locally produced items like Maple syrup and pickles.  We  now specialize in what we feel is the “best of”, a wide variety, the latest trends and the hard to find ingredients. Our customers have played a big role in what we carry, through their travels they have brought us back items that they have found and have asked us to track down.

While you are shopping in our store and you have  olive oil on your list we have over 75 to choose from.  If you need a balsamic vinegar to accompany your olive oil we have  a 100 year old balsamic for $599.99  or an everyday balsamic for $4.49 with everything in between.  Can’t decide: feel free to stop at our olive oil and vinegar tasting bar to help you decide.  If your looking for a Himilyan Pink or a Bolivian Rose just look in our salt section with over 50 from all over the world to choose from.  We pride ourselves on our selection and our ability to bring to you what is on the cutting edge.

Here is a cross section of grocery items you will find in our market:

  • 75 Olive oils

  • 70 Vinegars

  • 70 Salad Dressings

  • 50 BBQ sauces

  • 40 Marinades, Rubs and steak sauces

  • 30 Salsas

  • 30 Rices

  • 70 Honeys

  • 100 Jellies and jams

  • 160 Teas, loose and bagged

  • 150 Chocolates

  • Soups, soup mixes and broths

  • Spices

  • Maple syrups (featuring Ohio)

  • Thai section

  • Mexican section

  • Asian section

  • Indian section

  • 35 Hot sauces

  • 50 Salts

  • 20 Tomato products

  • 150 Pasta (including fresh, gluten free and kosher)

  • 50 Pasta Sauces

  • 90 Mustards

  • 100 Crackers, crisps and twists

  • 75 Chips and popcorn

  • 35 Cereal, grains and oatmeals

  • Organic items in every area