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White Wines

Below you will find: a brief description, food pairings and wine suggestions for each of your favorite wines.

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The elegant arome, softness and vivacity of Bordeaux dry white wines comes from the subtle blend of several grape varieties. Bordeaux dry whites are made from white-skinned grapes with white juice. As opposed to red wines, the object is not to extract colour or tannin, but rather to preserve the characteristic aroma of the different […]

Burgundy (White)

Some wine lovers enjoy red Burgundy so much they seem to forget that Burgundy also produces several of the world’s finest white wines. Burgundy white wines are generally amongst the finest produced anywhere in the world. In terms of direct competition with wine production in Bordeaux, however, the two systems could not be more different. At […]


Chablis comes from the northern end of France’s wine growing region where days are cooler and therefore grapes don’t get quite as ripe. As a result, these are usually leaner, drier, steelier wines with little in the way of butter or oak flavors. They also often show the minerality of their soil. Vintners sometimes push […]


Champagne and other sparkling wines are predominantly made from two grapes: Pinot Noir, which adds richness and fullness, and Chardonnay, which is lighter and ore elegant. Champagne generally has a crisp acidity, unless it is a sweet wine, and yeasty/toasty/minerally flavors along with lemon, citrus, grapefruit, or apple. Enjoy Champagne With: Champagnes are rated in […]


Chardonnay makes a full-flavored, rich white wine. Chardonnay from America tends to be fuller and oakier than those from Europe. Aussy chards tend to have more fruit. common flavors people taste include apple, butter, oak, and vanilla, Some people also taste subtle flavors of honey, lemon, and pineapple. Enjoy Chardonnay With: Chardonnay goes well with […]

Chateauneuf de Pape

White Châteauneuf-du-Pape is produced by excluding the red varieties and only using the six permitted white varieties. The white varieties account for 7 percent of the total plantation according to 2004 statistics, and a portion of the whites grapes are blended into red wines, which means that white wine production only accounts for around 5 […]


Gewurztraminer makes a full, exotically flavored white wine. They have strong aromas of roses, Lychees, backed by a little spice. Gewurztraminer may be made in dry, off dry, or dessert styles. Their flavors tend to match their aromas, including some zingy spice. In addition, you may find hints of petrol in some styles. They don’t […]

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio makes a light, semi-fragrant wine with lemony-citrusy flavors. These are generally described as crisp or tangy, but can also be made in other styles. Pinot Grigio tends to be an easy drinking, care free wine for casual company, summer quaffing, and light Italian food. Enjoy Pinot Grigio With: Pinot Grigio tends to go […]


Port has had brandy added during its creation, resulting in a sweet, high alcohol wine. Vintage port has the richest, deepest flavor. It’s grape juice for adults. Lots of fruit balanced by alcohol and silky tannins. Tawny Port is tan in color and has spent a few years in contact with oak to impart a […]


A German Riesling leans toward aromas of apples with flavors of peach, pear, or apricot backed by a crisp minerality and perhaps some steel, ‘raciness’, or petrol. The northern style tends to be lighter and fruitier. The southern style tends to be bigger and steelier. It may also be made dry, off-dry, or sweet. Non-European […]