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The elegant arome, softness and vivacity of Bordeaux dry white wines comes from the subtle blend of several grape varieties. Bordeaux dry whites are made from white-skinned grapes with white juice. As opposed to red wines, the object is not to extract colour or tannin, but rather to preserve the characteristic aroma of the different grape varieties. Each appellation comes from a well-defined geographical area with its own specific rules regarding viticulture, production methods and ageing. Hoewever, there are a certain number of points which all dry white Bordeaux wines share :

  • an irrefutable nobleness : the wines are a light briliant color and fruity, crisp and leave a delightful fresh impression on the palate.
  • aromatic quality that come to the fore quite quickly. Most dry white Bordeaux can be enjoyed young, when their fruity, floral aromas are most concentrated.

Enjoy White Bordeaux With:

Innumerable food and wine matches, from the most classic to the most unexpected, suit dry white Bordeaux admirably and inspire imaginative cooking : shellfish, seafood, grilled fish, fried fish, steamed fish and fished in a medium-light sauce. It is also well worth discovering the merits of dry white Bordeaux as an accompaniment to delicatessen meats, cold roast pork, pâtés and even preserved duck. These wines also make a perfect aperitif.