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Champagne and other sparkling wines are predominantly made from two grapes: Pinot Noir, which adds richness and fullness, and Chardonnay, which is lighter and ore elegant. Champagne generally has a crisp acidity, unless it is a sweet wine, and yeasty/toasty/minerally flavors along with lemon, citrus, grapefruit, or apple.

Enjoy Champagne With:

Champagnes are rated in terms of the amount of residual sugar they have.

From driest to sweetest, the ratings are: Brut > Extra Dry > Sec > Semi-Sec > Doux

Seafood: Caviar, lobster, oysters.

Meat: Chicken with light butter.


$-NV Dibon Cava Brut

$$-NV Gruet Estate Brut

$$$-2002 Roederer Cristal